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Fossil Fuels, Sustainable Investing, and the Energy Transition

In light of the urgency around climate change and the drive to transition away from fossil fuels, individuals and organizations are advocating for divestment from all oil and gas companies. This is no surprise and has put fossil fuels under pressure. There are, however, additional ways to spur this much-needed shift.

Large, publicly traded oil and gas companies are among the most visible and well-known symbols of our reliance on fossil fuels. Their grip on the global economy is well-known, and it is unlikely that the world can achieve its carbon emission goals without a significant move away from the primary sources of energy they provide.

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How Real is Big Oil’s Commitment to the Energy Transition? 

The energy transition is one of the most important challenges of our time. The reality of climate change makes it essential that the world reduce its reliance on fossil fuels by moving toward renewables and increased energy efficiency. Given these developments, it is not surprising that Big Oil is now making renewables a part of their business model, as well.

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What Stranded Assets Mean for Fossil Fuels 

A large portion of the world’s fossil fuel reserves are set to become stranded assetselements of fossil fuel companies that need to be written down, devalued, or viewed as liabilities. Idle coal mines and oil well sites are the simplest examples, and these lost pieces of infrastructure to add up. The stranded assets hypothesis brings into focus just how real the global transition to a low-carbon economy, as envisioned in the Paris Agreement, is becoming. 

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Will the energy transition lower the boom on fossil fuels? Renewables are gaining ground, and the energy transition is gaining momentum.


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